Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing applies the use of hardware to a tree to help deal with storms, ice and wind storms being the main causes of  premature tree damage.

Cables are placed as high in the tree as can be, steel hooks are drilled into the tree and a steel cable will connect two or more stems together. Generally used to support a weak branch union, or crotch of a tree, but can be applied if there is a tree close to the house with the potential of breaking.

There is also another method of cabling a tree which does not involve invasive drilling into the tree, it is called the cobra cabling system. It works the same way as the steel cables but is set up a little differently.

Tree rods can be used along with cables, and will give some extra support and add a little piece of mind. Tree rods are inserted at the branch union or crotch where the split has occurred. A hole is drilled and a threaded rod is measured and cut, a bolt and washer on each end will be tightened to close the split.

For further information about cabling and bracing, or to decide whether this application could be right for you please contact us.


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